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We do Functional Safety

DotBlue is the preferred advisor within the Machine- and Process industry regarding Technical Safety, also known as Functional Safety.

Our primary focus is to create safe workplaces. Given that no two sites are the same, we tailor our services to our customers’ needs, providing value without compromising safety. Our commitment extends to ensuring the safety of the entire facility, protecting people, the environment, and company assets from unnecessary and mitigatable risks. Our assistance includes compliance with regulatory and legal requirements, coupled with accurate risk analysis to achieve the optimal and financially viable solution.

We prioritize knowledge sharing, reflected in our commitment to hosting courses and networking events.

DotBlue possesses the right competences and extensive experience to offer certified assistance throughout the entire Functional Safety lifecycle. This encompasses everything from the design, commissioning, operation, maintenance, and dismantling of plants or machines, including safety for machines with ATEX and CE marking.

With over 25 years of experience in Functional Safety, we are adept at managing overall projects, delving into details, controlling complex structures, and even make the complex into something tangible and simple for our customers.

We are ISO 9001 certified, reinforcing our commitment to ensuring the quality of all our work.

Competences & Certification

DotBlue’s consultants have the right skills and the necessary experience to support you in technical advice and all phases of the Functional Safety life cycle, which includes Design, Commissioning, Maintenance and Operation as well as follow-up.

Based on many years of practical experience and training, our consultants have first-class skills to assist you at any stage of the work task and help you with all kinds of safety issues

  • TÜV certified Experts within SIS and PH&RA

  • Key consultants have passed the “TÜV Functional Safety Program” and ATEX CompEX certified

  • Using acknowledged software such as PHA-Pro, ExSILentia, Safexpert etc.

  • ISO 9001 certified

  • DotBlue is impartial and independent of any suppliers

  • Member of DS (Danish Standard) – Within Functional Safety, Machine Safety and ATEX

Why DotBlue

Seen from above, our earth is just a small blue dot, simple. However, coming closer and the details will appear. The simplest things now become more complex.

We know, using all the competencies we have in DotBlue, we can manage it all. We are adept at managing overall projects, delving into details, controlling complex structures, and even make the complex into something tangible and simple for our customers.

The color “blue” represents DotBlue’s core values of competence, credibility, openness, and inspiration.

Our logo’s semicircles symbolize the 3 merged companies, forming the foundation of DotBlue, reflecting our history and commitment to providing complete solutions for creating safe workplaces.

Our history


In 2023, LUND E&C could celebrate 25 years and that became the occasion to bring together the companies LUND E&C, GFS and FSCPH in a joint merger, and the start of a new chapter with one common future.

Same team, same skills – but the new name DotBlue A/S.

Much has happened over the years and the need for “Functional Safety” in the Machine and Process industry has gained more and more focus. Over the years, all 3 companies have worked in parallel in the same industry, with the same purpose and with the same and the same people.

Basically, all 3 companies arose from the need that existed at the time the companies were founded. But today the need has changed and the various services offered by each company have been brought together into one unique supplier.

In 2021, LUND E&C, GFS and FSCPH were all ISO 9001 certified for the first time.

LUND Engineers & Contractors A/S


In 2018, LUND E&C celebrated its 20th anniversary and in that connection, the ownership circle was expanded. Mikael Lund was joined by Rikke Lund Jensen and Diana Johansen, with a view to a long-term generational change. All 3 have since been a part of the Management team.

LUND Engineers & Contractors A/S


In 2017, LUND E&C had a minor redesign of its logo, which fit better in line with the subsidiaries GFS and FSCPH.

In the years 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017, LUND E&C received the Gazelle awards from Børsen, as proof of many years of good work and development.

Functional Safety Copenhagen


In 2014, Functional Safety Copenhagen ApS (also called ‘FSCPH‘) was founded as a subsidiary and under the daily management of LUND E&C and GFS.

The purpose of the company was to hold events exclusively within the subject of “Functional Safety” and to create a network where it was possible to clarify related questions, find practical solutions and product selection in light of legal requirements – all in all with a focus on the importance of “Functional Safety”.

Through their events, FSCPH was able to convey the latest expert knowledge from home and abroad. Among other things. when holding the FS Conference (a 2-day event that has been held since 2015) and at the FS Forum (a 1-day event with “Functional Safety” and networking as a focal point).

Global Functional Safety


In 2011, Global Functional Safety ApS (also called ‘GFS‘) was founded as a subsidiary and under the daily management of LUND E&C.

The purpose of the company – which was also a consulting engineering company – was to offer customers all aspects of “Functional Safety” related to processes, equipment and systems.

GFS‘ customers were primarily in the oil & gas, petrochemical, pharmaceutical and energy / biomass industries.
GFS was able to create the optimal skills and experience, with TÜV Rheinland certified Experts and Engineers, who could thereby assist in all phases of the “Functional Safety” life cycle, which covers design, maintenance and operation as well as commissioning and follow-up.

LUND Engineers & Contractors A/S


In December 1998, Mikael Lund started as an independent, a consulting engineering company called LUND Engineers & Contractors A/S (also called LUND E&C), based in Horsens.

With Mikael’s skills as an Electrical Engineer and experience from the Oil and Gas industry, LUND E&C offered individual solutions that optimized and integrated production, safety, environmental and energy considerations – All in all, with a focus on creating safe workplaces. The company worked from the start, with everything from larger projects as a general contractor to smaller consulting services as a project advisor.

Over the years, LUND E&C built up a solid project portfolio within the process industry, including the chemical, oil and gas, food, metal, biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries. Why LUND E&C had also managed to build a larger and experienced team and more specialists in everything from electrical and instrumentation to steel and pipe engineering, ATEX specialists as well as supervisors and HSSE people.

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