Risk assesment

Many types of operational processes can potentially pose a risk to staff, have a negative impact on the environment, or cause costly damage to assets. Safety is fundamental for DotBlue, and we strive to make our customers’ working places safe. Risk Assessment helps to uncover potential risks and hazards and to identify preventive measures for each of the potential risks.

Trained facilitators
DotBlue’s certified Functional Safety Expert and Engineers are experienced in facilitating workshops at the customers’ premises. Our specialists assist our customers with evaluating and improving different aspects of safety hazards, such as technical and organizational hazards, but also the impact of human errors, and external factors as well.

Risk Assessment Management Process
To assist you in this process, DotBlue offers a systematic way of identifying high priority risks through a Risk Assessment Management Process.

The purpose of this Risk Assessment is to:

  • Identify Risks / Hazards

  • Analyse the Risks / Hazards

  • Prioritize the Risks / Hazards

  • Identify measures to avoid or reduce Risks / Hazards or the impact hereof

DotBlue is specialized in Machinery- and Process safety, and we work with different kinds of recognized methods to identify risks such as What-if, HAZOP, HAZID and LOPA.

Identifying and minimizing risks is essential for a successful Risk Management.

For correct documentation and reporting of the findings, we use software tools from leading suppliers of risk management software tools.

  • PHA-Pro

  • Exida ExSILentia

  • Safexpert

  • Sistema

  • SafetyBarrierManagement

Typical standards
IEC 61508, IEC 61511, IEC 62061, ISO 13849, IEC 61882, ISO 12100.

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