ATEX stands for “ATmosphére EXplosive”, which means “Explosive Atmosphere”.

The term ATEX applies to a potentially explosive atmosphere that exists when a mixture of air gases, vapours or dust combine in a way that can ignite under certain conditions during operation.

Companies that handle flammable gases, liquids, gases, or other dangerous substances must therefore prepare a so-called “Explosion Protection Document” as part of their safety documentation.

DotBlue consultants have a thorough knowledge of applicable national and international standards and are of valuable assistance to our customers.

ATEX – mandatory in EU
DotBlue assists with the preparation and updating of the mandatory ATEX documentation regarding e.g.:

  • Explosion hazards

  • Ex zone classification

  • Gas dispersion analyses

  • Compliance with applicable directives

  • Measures to prevent explosions

  • Operating conditions

Prevent incidents
All equipment that is intended to be installed and operated in a classified Ex zone must be designed accordingly to ensure that the equipment itself cannot be an ignition source.

DotBlue consultants have the necessary knowledge and experience to assist you with different kinds of protection methods and principles, to make sure that the Ex classified equipment complies with applicable standards.

DotBlue also undertakes the dialogue with the Notified Body to obtain the necessary approvals.

Typical standards
IEC 60079, EN 50495, IEC 13463, API RP 505, NFPA 70, IP15

In DotBlue we have taken an active part in the development of the Functional Safety standards. To improve, we also participate in S-531 “Explosive atmospheres in relation to the ATEX directives”.

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