We are now DotBlue A/S

DotBlue may be a new name – but we are still the same team, with more than 25 years of history and experience within Technical Safety.

The companies Global Functional Safety ApS (GFS) and Functional Safety Copenhagen ApS (FSCPH) have merged with LUND Engineers & Contractors A/S (LUND E&C), which has also changed its name.

The world around us has developed significantly, especially in our industry. Therefore, we believe that the time has come for a merger and the start of a new and common chapter.

The goal is to appear as one strong unit to our customers, keep the same team, thus maintaining our competencies and work areas.
Because knowledge obliges, we are now more focused on our future mission: We want to create safe workplaces by use of Technical Safety within the Machine and Process industry.

The merger and name change took effect on 20th November 2023.

What changes does this cause

  • We are changing our look – New name, same team
  • DotBlue A/S has VAT no.: 25 38 51 79
  • New company address – Jespersvej 5, 8700-Horsens, but we can still be found at Gl. Rørbyvej 3, 4400 Kalundborg
  • New email addresses – all with the domain @dotblue.dk

DotBlue – All-round Technical Safety Advisor

We offer a wide portfolio of services within Technical Safety for Machinery and Process facilities. Our expertise covers the entire process from Risk Assessment, design, operation and maintenance to dismantling.

Humans are an important factor in safety, why we not only focus on advanced safety systems but also in the skills of the personnel. That is why we also host courses and Functional Safety Networks and Events.

Why DotBlue

Seen from above, our earth is just a small blue dot, simple. However, coming closer and the details will appear. The simplest things now become more complex.

We know, using all the competencies we have in DotBlue, we can manage it all. We are adept at managing overall projects, delving into details, controlling complex structures, and even make the complex into something tangible and simple for our customers.

The color “blue” represents DotBlue’s core values of competence, credibility, openness, and inspiration.

Our logo’s semicircles symbolize the 3 merged companies, forming the foundation of DotBlue, reflecting our history and commitment to providing complete solutions for creating safe workplaces.