At LUND Engineers & Contractors A/S we are constantly involved in several exciting projects. We always strive to find the best match between our candidates and project, and therefore we are continuously looking for the right candidates to our projects.


In January 2018 we started using our new LUND CV Database. In connection with this we would like to remind you that EVERYBODY is welcome to send their CV to us. When we receive your information, we go through it to determine whether it may be of relevance to us and our projects, now or in the future.


If your profile catches our attention we will create a LUND Sales CV on you which will be saved in our LUND CV Database ready to be forwarded to relevant costumers and projects.

We constantly work on keeping our database up to date, and we need your help in doing so. That is why we kindly ask you to continuously inform us of any changes in your resume. In that way we work together efficiently for the benefit of us all.

We are looking forward to receiving many more CV’s.

Remember that LUND is always ready to assist you; no task is too big or too small!