FSCPH’19 │ Thank you for 2019 & Happy Holidays

Last month, the FSCPH’19 conference was held in Bella Center Copenhagen. We are very happy for everyone who participated and thereby contributed for making this event a huge success. We have already received very positive feedback, and we hope to see you all again in 2021. Thank you for [...]

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FSCPH’19 │ Do not miss a thing!

As participant at the Functional Safety conference you are able to download conference material such as participant list and presentations. Within this last week all participants have already received a “welcome mail” including a link to all the material, which will be published continuously. You can still sign up [...]

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FSCPH’19 │ Only a few days left

In a few days this year’s Functional Safety Conference 2019 will be launched. We do not have many open seats left, so make sure to get yours. Join the Functional Safety Conference - 19th & 20th November 2019 at Bella Center Copenhagen. BUY TICKET [...]

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FSCPH’19 │ Our compere are ready

Soon it will be time for this year Functional Safety Conference - FSCPH’19Our compere, Regnar Schultz and Mikael Lund, are ready to welcome all our participants at this year's conference. We have a fully booked program with many exciting presentations and workshops that will open for many new considerations and [...]

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FSCPH’19 │ What use do we have of incidents?

Are you also certain, that incidents don’t bring any good? - Then you are partly right. We can learn much from incidents and how to avoid these situations in the future. This year you can attend a workshop at FSCPH and learn much more about this. [...]

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FSCPH’19 │ Check out the latest updates

Have you seen the latest updates regarding speakers and exhibitors for this year’s Functional Safety Conference? Read more here on our website – you’ll gain access to all the abstracts behind the presentations. Join the Functional Safety Conference - 19th & 20th November 2019 at Bella [...]

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FSCPH’19 │ End User participation

This year we have many End Users attending with presentations- in fact, we never had that many why we are certain that this year’s conference will bring new and interesting perspectives from several industries. Join the Functional Safety Conference - 19th & 20th November 2019 at [...]

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FSCPH’19 │ Functional Safety – why???

We do understand that Functional Safety can be rather complex, we do understand if you are in doubt that it is important to you, but if work within the machinery or process industry as e.g. operator, technician or even management then you should most likely know about this. We [...]

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FSCPH’19 │ Learn more about Functional Safety

Did you know, that the Functional Safety Conference 2019 also provides Danish presentations? Based on several requests from previously participants, we are introducing additional Danish presentations and workshop this year. Hopefully it will make the topics more accessible for many of the Danish participants. Join the [...]

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FSCPH’19 │ Soon to be

Next week we are looking forward to welcome you to the Functional Safety Conference 2019. We have received great feedback and the interest for participating is increasing. Make sure to get your seat at the conference. Remember to order your ticket. Join the Functional Safety Conference [...]

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