Based on LUND E&C’s perennial vision of creating secure and safe jobs and the technological development that has happened over the years, we have updated our HSSE Commitment & Policy.

Our goal of “0 accidents” is of the utmost importance and is of course maintained, and has now also – fully justified – been visually highlighted. Our efforts so far and the pursuit of this goal are with a result we can only be proud of. But that does not mean we should not continue to focus on just that.

Of course, we must also continue to contribute to the society of which we take part, protect the environment and our employees from unnecessary influence and harm and respect the parties involved in our work.

New in the HSSE Commitment & Policy, and precisely due to the technological development, is the Data Security and the importance of maintaining the confidential relationship we have with our employees and our Customers.

At the same time, we have made it possible – easy and simple – to report a deviation from our HSSE Commitments & Policies – in the form of accidents, near misses, observations, breaches of data security or general non-compliance with the policy. This can be done in a form directly from the website: HSSE Policy | LUND E&C