Our main goal at LUND E&C is to create safe workplaces. And we are good at that! In our HSSE Commitment & Politic you will find what we value the most: Health and Safety for our employees, contractors, society, and the environment.

We believe it is important to protect the environment, and therefore among other things, we make sure that we use materials and energy resources effectively. We also work on raising employees’ awareness of the importance of protecting the environment.

A safe environment for employees and customers
We highly appreciate our employees and believe that it is extremely important to assure them a healthy and secure work environment. LUND E&C is a safe work place, and we wish to secure employees against occupational illnesses, physical as well as mental.

ZERO accidents!
Finally: Security! So far, LUND E&C has not had any lost man hours due to injuries or accidents. That is a statistic we are very proud of and aim to keep up with.

Furthermore, we are happy to assist our customers by consulting them to secure their employees, process and/or factories.

Remember that LUND is always ready to assist you; no task is too big or too small!