An incredibly exciting assignment has just been carried out. The result is the following security documents consisting of 73 pages main report and 203 pages accompanying appendices that could be transmitted to a happy customer.

In 2016 the two updated Risk Notices (MST BEK no. 372 of April 25, 2016 and AT BEK no. 370 of April 19, 2016) came into force. That means that from now on there will be an increased focus on the domino effect, openness towards the public, classification of the chemical, dangerous substances, terror meter and impact distances, now also for column 2 companies.

As a result, it will be harder and more complex for each column company to complete the reassessment of the security document and the security report because many of the new focus area demand expert knowledge.

In that regard we at Global Functional Safety have had an assignment with revision of a security document for a column 2 company with a big storage of toxic and flammable chemicals.

The assignment was done in cooperation with the company, because a significant amount of procedures and instructions also had to be updated. In addition, the company has greatly participated in the update of the risk assessment.

In this case it meant a new risk assessment and structure of barrier applications, because the previous was outdated due to conversion. It is required to reassess these at least every five years.

The task also involved good communication and cooperation with the authorities, as well as with external experts.