One thing is certain: it is not an easy task to obtain an ISO 9001 certification! Neither for us.

We are beyond proud of our ISO 9001 certificate which we obtained in 2021. With a quality management system at that level, we must admit that we have improved. A lot. We are now better at working more consistent and streamlined, better at communicating – both internally and with Customers and Business Partners, and better at delivering the right support at the right time and at the right price.

But it requires hard work, good and not least: useful and to the point procedures and transparency in everything we do.

That is why we are extra proud that we have just completed another ISO 9001 Audit with Bureau Veritas without deviations of any kind. We are overjoyed and want everybody to know about it:



Briefly about ISO 9001:

ISO 9001 is a quality management system that is recognized worldwide, and for many will be synonymous with quality, effective management and documentation, as well as a structured and recognized tool in the dialogue with the Customer. Experience shows that ISO 9001 ensures improved quality in products and services, and that certified companies achieve better management of internal work processes. At the same time, the standard ensures that we constantly focus on creating improvements, among other things through openness and systematics, both internally and in collaboration with our external partners.


ISO 9001 sets requirements for the entire process for consulting: From the Customer approaches with a task or assignment, over matching expectations, implementation and quality assurance of the product for delivery and publication. In particular, there is a strong focus on Customer requirements and satisfaction and on documentation of all workflows, and the system specifies both the requirements for implementing new work processes and for ongoing maintenance and improvement of the company’s quality management of the consulting activities.