We have got ourselves a new domain – dotBlue.dk

It is not a new company, it is just a common domain that brings together our 3 companies.

DotBlue.dk applies for:

We have done this to strengthen the cooperation between our 3 companies – our trio – all with common ownership and common goal – namely, to ensure safe workplaces.


What is the story behind dotBlue?

In the dotBlue logo you have 3 semicircles which represent our trio – and the resources, expertise and knowledge sharing that each company contributes with – and together it makes us the strongest team.

Just as it applies to our globe – which, despite its size and eternal changes – from a distance looks like a small blue spot, so it also applies to various challenges and projects related to safety.

Seen from the outside, they may seem simple and tangible, though quite complex when you get up close and see the details.

That’s what “dotBlue” is all about. We can maintain the overview while at the same time having the ability to solve the challenges down to the smallest detail. This is exactly what we can do with a common platform and with more focus on collaboration.


What does this mean in practice?

For our customers and business partners, this doesn’t cause any changes. We are still the same companies working for the same values.

But for us it means simplicity and clarity in our everyday life. We keep the same email addresses that we always had. Now they are just under a common domain.

We look forward to continuing support our customers and business partners.


Together, we want to create safe workplaces.