Another successful GFS course completed

At GFS we had the pleasure to conduct the Functional Safety Introduction course on 10. November at Roskilde Congress Center. 12 participants were ready for breakfast and coffee before Mikael Lund would welcome to an exiting but also hard day with lots of information. At the course the participants were [...]

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GFS Course

Most recently, GFS held a COVID-19 safe and company customized ATEX-course at one of our customers within the process industry. The course was about – Practical approach to ATEX and gas detection. All materials were made according to customer requirements and their facilities with focus on gas detection. All companies [...]

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GFS Courses

Global Functional Safety ApS takes safety seriously. Also when it comes to respectively COVID-19 safely workshops and courses. Most recently, a COVID-19 safe and business-oriented course in Risk Assessment was held for a Customer in the process industry. The course included - in addition to a general to Requirements [...]

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Even experts need courses in - and refresh of - different risk assessment methods! Thus, Global Functional Safety ApS has once again the pleasure of delivering a company-customized course in Risk Assessment and the various methods for identifying and assessing potential risks, and not least- the presentation thereof. Like [...]

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Successful ATEX course af GFS

This September GFS once again held the popular course "Practical approach to ATEX installations". The first part of the course had focus on basic introduction to theory and legislation behind ATEX (EX) installations, as well as practice in marking and reading of product nameplates. After lunch, it was time [...]

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More ATEX Courses in GFS

GFS just held another company-specific ATEX course with focus on the practical approach to ATEX installations In addition to a theoretical review, the course had lots of exercises and debate, so that the participants also got hands-on experience. It is crucial for the participants' understanding to provide an overview [...]

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Courses focusing on Functional Safety

At the request of Denmark's largest energy company, Global Functional Safety ApS (GFS) in March held courses in Danish in "Functional Safety Introduction" for more than 50 participants spread over 3 course days. The energy group's desire was to disseminate knowledge of Functional Safety internally among their employees across [...]

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This week GFS facilitated a company specific course in risk assessment

This week GFS facilitated a company specific course in risk assessment. An introduction was given to the requirements and standards, which are relevant for the given company. In addition, the use of methods was specifically designed the company’s requirements and existing procedures- in relation to projects, minor complex tasks [...]

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