Global Functional Safety ApS takes safety seriously. Also when it comes to respectively COVID-19 safely workshops and courses.

Most recently, a COVID-19 safe and business-oriented course in Risk Assessment was held for a Customer in the process industry.

The course included – in addition to a general to Requirements and Standards – learning and training in the use of different Risk Assessment methods – in this case a What if, HAZOP and LOPA.

The material was largely designed so that it was according to the Customer’s needs and with the use of the Customer’s own facilities, P&ID and specification as exercise material.

The exercises in What if and HAZOP, respectively, gave the participants the opportunity to try out the different methods at their own facilities and take turns acting as Facilitator and Writer to see what challenges there are for those roles in particular.

The participants were located in relation to which department they came from, so that there was no potential infection across the company, just as everyone wore a mask when walking around the room. The location made it impossible to make interdisciplinary teams for the exercises in question. It simply gave the participants the opportunity to see what knowledge they thus did not have in the exercise team. Thus, it made clear why an interdisciplinary team is the alpha and omega of a Risk Assessment.

All companies are different. The advantage of a company-adapted course is that it is known material that is reviewed and that there is an opportunity for discussions based on own experiences with own colleagues. Last but not least: It allows for knowledge sharing across the company, and thus greater understanding of each other.

Should your company also have a COVID-19 secure course adapted to exactly your needs, see more here: