Once again we are nearing the end of a year, and it is time to thank all our customers for the year that has passed.

2021 has been a strange year in many ways. We thought the COVID-19 situation was over by 2020, but we soon realized that this was not the case.

We practiced in 2020, and in 2021 we have become even better – better at facilitating workshops and courses with a focus on safety for all participants. And we have been busy. Both with our regular courses, our online courses and with the many exciting tasks we are allowed to take part in.

We value all new as well as loyal customers and partners who have made use of our service and our competencies throughout the year.

Due to COVID-19, we at GFS, once again do not have the opportunity to celebrate Christmas in the same way as we usually do. That is why we have chosen to donate our “Christmas (candy) budget” to the Julemærkehjemmene.

Julemærkehjemmene is a Danish organization that works to ensure that no children are left outside a community or communion. They work to ensure that children in Denmark have a better life. Also, at Christmas time.

Every contribution is important – and at GFS we believe that together we can make a difference.

At GFS, we look forward to new exciting tasks in 2022 and look forward to a good collaboration with current and new customers and partners. We hope and believe that 2022 will be a good and exciting year for all of us.

We are here for your safety.

The best Christmas greetings

Global Functional Safety ApS