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Thank you for the participation at the Functional Safety Conference 2017!

This year we held the second Functional Safety Conference still committed to the sole purpose of debating Functional Safety issues by interesting speaks and networking.

The main topic of this year was the Human Factor, explained by how human behavior can interfere and pose a threat to the safety. There is no doubt, that this topic is highly relevant for all aspects of the process and machinery industry. This year we were approx. 140 participants and 15 exhibitors in the area.

Based on previously feedback we aimed to make this conference better. By doing so, we introduced a basic course, we changed the location to provide better exhibition area, we implemented workshops and asked the speakers to handle specific topics chosen by last times participants.

Basic Introduction to Functional Safety Course
Based on previously experience, we knew there was an increasing interest from many participants in attending an “upfront” introduction to Functional Safety.

This introduction course was held the day before the conference. The course had great success and with 25 participants, we had to close for registration.

The course provider was DotBlue (former Global Functional Safety) with Mikael Lund as speaker in close collaboration with Jörg Isenberg from AUMA. The course was a basic introduction to Functional Safety, standards and related topics.

Due to the success, we will repeat the course during the year.

Watch a glimpse of the event

Day 1

Based on last times feedback, we already had the topic of the year “Human behavior” and most of the topics presented during the conference was suggestions from previously participants.

Conference day 1 started with a welcome speak by Mikael Lund from DotBlue (former Global Functional Safety), who gave a short presentation of the conference content. The first three sessions were common sessions, which provided the participants from both process and machinery with some interesting facts.

Among the common speakers were ProSalus and DONG Energy. Both speakers were to introduce the participants to the area and limitations of functional safety, which the participants found enlightening.

The third common speak was provided by PwC regarding cyber security, it was one of the most “hot topics” on the conference and it was in perfect line with the human factor theme. There is no doubt about, that cyber security will have increased focus in all companies during the next year- the threat is increasing fast.

Secondly, the participants were divided into two separate tracks, each to cover the second step in the lifecycles “design and implementation”. Following the process track, ABB Denmark hosted as the first speaker and gave a theoretical explanation of requirements in the design phase and the different specifications. Afterwards AUMA from Germany, provided an excellent speak about design for robustness.

In the machinery session, RPC Superfos joined in the “last hour” with a speaker about Safety Requirement Specifications. RPC makes plastic product designs and is an engineering company for packaging markets. It was interesting the hear some of the obstacles the end users have regarding functional safety.

Following the Machine sessions, Schmersal was the second speaker of the day, and shared their individual experience with a speak about practical approach to EN ISO 14119.

After a short break with time for exhibition, the sessions continued with Force Technology with their key element “human factor” wrapped in the topic – safety by design. Force Technology provided the last common session of day 1.

Afterwards the participants were introduced to 5 different workshops:

  • Workshop group 1 was provided by AUMA. It was the one with the most participants. The workshop addresses the common issues with assessment of mechanical components for the process industry.
  • Workshop group 2 was provided by LEGO and covered the same topic “assessment of mechanical components” for the machinery industry.
  • Workshop group 3 was provided by Force Technology (Human behavior) and had a very practical approach with profiling which was of great interest for all the participants.
  • Workshop group 4 was provided by Siemens, it was the second largest workshop of the day with the topic “Design and Risk Assessment on machinery” They did also have a very practical approach, pointing out the critical areas on machines.
  • Workshop group 5 was specifically targeted management. It was provided by Danfoss Drives dealing with the fact; why and why not is functional safety good for business.

After a long day with interesting and different presentations, most of the speakers, participants and exhibitors meet at the evening event, which included three courses dinner and delicious wine.

Day 2

The second day started with a common speak provided by TÜV Rheinland. Here it was possible to gain knowledge about the use of 3rd party and their role.

Once again divided into two tracks, following the process sessions, EXIDA gave a presentation about verification by use of their system exSILentia. Secondly, ABB Denmark provide the participants with their experience with requirements for a successful operation and following maintenance.

On the opposite track (machinery session) we had IFA/DGUV who presented their program SISTEMA and how to make verification by use of this. It was interesting to have both EXIDA and IFA/DGUV presenting their tool for each industry.

Following, and as a request from last time, we had a speaker from NNE (Novo Nordisk Engineering) presenting the pharmaceutical industry. This was an interesting session with focus on commissioning and validation of SIS. We are glad, that we this year could present two speakers from the pharmaceutical industry. Their presentations brings good dynamic and other perspectives to the conference.

Following a short break for exhibition, A/S Dansk Shell provided a speak about maintenance override switches. It was an interesting perspective from an end user. Having speakers from the oil & gas industry were highly appreciated by the participants due to the fact, that this “industry” was not represented last time.

Afterwards Tata Steel from the Netherlands gave a practical example on modification of safety system.
Mean time in the machinery track, DotBlue (former Global Functional Safety) addressed one of the purposed topics from the former participants “Functional Safety in ATEX installations”. Though Global Functional Safety is mostly represented in the process industry, they had agreed to cover this topic, due to the high demand.

The following speak was presented by the Danish Working Environment Authority concerning changes to machinery. The Danish Working Environment Authority plays an essential role in the industry, and it was interesting to hear their experiences and guidance. This presentation received much credit for breaking down the subject and make the topic more approachable.

After lunch, the conference continued with a presentation by Aker BP, with an interesting perspective about SIL during operation based on a platform scenario.

Next speaker was from Ramboll, who continued with a speak about modifications on existing plants. Both Aker BP and Ramboll were asked to come with a practical example from their normal day of work- both speakers did an excellent job presenting real life challenges.

As a new perspective, and in order to challenges the “human factor” in functional safety, we had invited KUKA Nordic as a speaker in the machinery session. This was something very different from all the other speaks showing short movies of robots working side by side with their human colleagues. One must wonder, if this presentation is a glim of our future.

The following speaker was from the pharmaceutical industry, Cook Medical. Cook Medical did also present a real life practical example, this one was about Category 2 solution.

As a close up for this year’s conference, a discussion forum was once again settled. This time with speakers from Force Technology, Danish Working Environment Authority, KUKA Nordic and ProSalus. The topic was Human Factor in functional safety. The four speakers received some interesting questions from the participants challenging both human interference, cyber security and the possibility of machines taking over.

It will be interesting to follow the situation regarding cyber security and human factor. It is a topic, which continuously grows and threatens our systems.

We want to thanks all the participants, the exhibitors and conference members for a great conference this year. We are very glad for all your support and that you take such a great importance of being safe – see you all again in 2019.

The Conference Committee 2017


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Bringing together experts from leading companies enables us to highlight the topics that present the greatest challenges to end users. In collaboration with experts and authorities, we will answer questions and contribute tools for solutions that the participants can bring home to their companies.

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