FS Conference ’19

FS Conference’19 have give the participants 2 days filled with inspiration, information, networking opportunities and tools to be conveyed at their company!

The objective and main topic of FS Conference’19 is Functional Safety.
Several European companies with expertise in Functional Safety are joined together with the simple aim of having process and machinery safety in focus.

There was presentations of common topics as well as topics specifically targeting the machinery and process safety.
The sessions was held as presentations and workshops, with both Danish and English speaks.
This gave the participants the possibility to choose which sections that are most relevant.

An exhibition and networking area next to the conference room was providing a good opportunity for networking.
In this area, the exhibiting companies had the possibility to promote their products and services and to network with potential and existing clients.

On the first evening, there was held a Conference Evening Event Dinner also providing a unique possibility for networking.

FS Conference’19 was held at Bella Center Copenhagen, on the 19th & 20th November 2019

The Program│ 19th November 2019

08:00 08:30Registry │ Breakfast
Registering & morgenmad
08:30 08:50Welcome │ Practical information
Welcome to FS Conference'19 - Two days with focus on Functional Safety

By Regnar Schultz & Mikael Lund
08:50 09:00Exhibition │ Network
Udstilling & netværk
09:00 09:45DK │ Arbejdstilsynet
Krav til SEVESO virksomheder, herunder krav om og til sikkerhedsforanstaltninger

Dansk præsentation af
Flemming Lindegaard
UK │ Ramboll Energy
Experiences and methods for handling Functional Safety in projects - Who is doing what and when?

English presentation by Stefan Lynge Christensen
09:45 10:30DK │ COWI
Krav til SEVESO virksomheder

Dansk præsentation af
Christina Ihlemann
UK │ HOFOR & Ramboll Energy
Experiences and challenges in implementation of Functional Safety based routines on a running plant.
Owner and Operators mind-set and qualifications. How do we proof test, and what is needed?

English workshop by
Steen Jensen, Thomas Hoffmeyer & Stefan Lynge Christensen
10:30 10:50Exhibition │ Network
Udstilling & netværk
10:50 11:35DK │ LEGO System A/S
Kvalifikationer for service personale

Dansk præsentation af
Emil Jørgensen & Carsten Gejl
UK │ Engineering Safety Consultants (ESC)
Practical considerations in some key clauses in IEC 61511:2017

English presentation by
Ron Bell
11:35 12:20DK │ Bowitek ApS
Hvordan sikrer ledelsen at virksomheden er "compliant" i forhold til de CE-mærker, som påsættes maskiner og produktionslinjer.

Dansk præsentation af
Steen Meldgaard & Flemming Madsen
12:20 14:00Lunch │ Exhibition & Network
Frokost, udstilling og netværk
14:00 14:45DK │ Ørsted
(Nybro Gas Treatment)

Fra teori til praksis

Dansk præsentation af
Kim Risager
UK │ K.A. Schmersal GmbH & Co. KG
Upgrading Functional Safety Solutions – A Case Study

English presentation and following workshop by Tobias Thiesmann
14:45 15:30DK │ Novo Nordisk Pharmatech
Hvordan håndterer vi kravene fra myndighederne som End User?

Dansk præsentation af
Karen Ægidius & Frans S. Jacobsen
15:30 16:00Exhibition │ Network
Udstilling & netværk
16:00 16:45UK │ HU-Tech
Human Factor in barrier management

English presentation by Dr. Ian Randle
16:45 17:00Wrap up
Wrap up by Regnar Schultz & Mikael Lund
17:00 18:00Exhibition │ Network
Udstilling & netværk
18:00 21:00Evening event
Netværksmiddag med 3 retters menu - Husk tilmelding
* Requires preregistration

The Program│ 20th November 2019

08:00 08:30Registry │ Breakfast
Registering & morgenmad
08:30 09:00Exhibition │ Network
Udstilling & netværk
09:00 09:45UK │ Research Institutes of Sweden
Availability vs. Reliability in safety related control systems

English presentation by Andreas Söderberg
DK │ Rockwell Automation
Diagnosticering af styresystemet iht. gældende lovgivning
(SMART safety / Industri 4.0)

Dansk workshop af
John Rasmussen
09:45 10:30UK │ Emerson Automation Solutions
Proof testing

English presentation by AnnCharlott Enberg, Johan Sandberg & Andy Crosland
10:30 10:50Exhibition │ Network
Udstilling & netværk
10:50 11:35UK │ Siemens
Cyber Security

English presentation by
Holger Laible
DK │ Equinor Refining Denmark A/S
Erfaringer med indførelse af ny teknologi som teknisk sikkerhedsbarrierer.
(Trådløs gasdetektering).

Dansk workshop af
Niels Herløv
11:35 12:20UK │ EFSTAS
Security Risk Assessment

English presentation by Colin Easton
12:20 14:00Lunch │ Exhibition & Network
Frokost, udstilling og netværk
14:00 14:45DK │ DotBlue (former Global Functional Safety ApS)
Vælg den rigtige metode til SIL bestemmelse

Dansk præsentation af Rikke Lund Jensen
UK │ FLSmidth Cement Indstry
Functional Safety:
Delivery Dilemma’s in a Global Context

English workshop by
Peter Jensen, Kim Clausen, Goran Trkulja & Benny Raahauge
14:45 15:30DK │ ABB A/S
Modifikationer i anlæg

Dansk præsentation af
Henrik Skovsgaard
15:30 16:00Exhibition │ Network
Udstilling & netværk
16:00 16:45DK │ Sikkerhed og Ledelse
Ulykker – hvordan lærer vi bedst af dem?

Dansk præsentation af
Helle Gaarn & Lisbeth Holberg
16:45 17:00Wrap up │ Lottery
Wrap up by Regnar Schultz & Mikael Lund
17:00 17:15Exhibition │ Network
Udstilling & netværk
17:15Thanks for participating │ Get home safely

We want to thanks all the participants, the speaker and exhibitors for a great conference this year. We are very glad for all your support and that you take such a great importance of being safe – see you all again.

Exhibitors 2019


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About DotBlue
As the organizer of this event, we want to put an end to the often lack of understanding or lack of safety standards within the machine- and process industry.

Low prioritization, lack of proposed solutions or difficulties in understanding procedures and the authorities’ requirements. In addition, some companies operate with overqualified security solutions that require unnecessary and expensive maintenance. Due to missing or non-existent safety standards / procedures, accidents can occur, accidents that could easily have been prevented.

Bringing together experts from leading companies enables us to highlight the topics that present the greatest challenges to end users. In collaboration with experts and authorities, we will answer questions and contribute tools for solutions that the participants can bring home to their companies.

DotBlue strives to make Functional Safety tangible and puts the importance in focus!

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