Many great things happen in December, including our 23 years birthday – hurray!

It’s been an exciting year in so many ways. Good colleagues, who have been in the company for years, have retired or found new opportunities. In return, we have welcomed several new LUND colleagues, who we are very fond of, and we hope they’ll stay for many years.


It has also been a year which, despite Corona, has been quite busy. Several of our customers have a high demand for assistance and at the same time, many of our resources are allocated to two very large projects, which will take up most of their time one more year.


In many ways, December is something special for us in LUND E&C with all the Christmas cheer. Normally we would send out LUND Christmas goodies, but just like last year, it will not be possible.

We do not want to contribute to Corona. Therefor we send out warmest Christmas wishes to all of you and donates the amount to Danish Cancer Society.

We’ll wish a Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year to our customers, partners and not least our fantastic LUND Team.