This year we celebrate the first 10 years, and what a journey it has been!  

Starting has a small company, that had to learn to stand on its own two feet, to become a rebel who wants to make a statement. And as today: a grown-up company with many exciting customers and partners. They all make sure to keep us on the marks and help constantly expand our areas of expertise.  

Global Functional Safety started once we saw the need to raise the awareness and importance of Functional Safety. It is always a challenge to make up with previously norms and standards. 10 years ago, not many people were interested or familiar with Functional Safety. Fortunately, the world looks completely different today, both in terms of companies but certainly also the interest of the authorities – Functional Safety is here to stay!  

To maintain focus on Functional Safety, we have chosen an active participation in standardization work (DS), where we can make a difference and influence the development of the industry. It gives us many benefits and maintains our goal of creating and preserve safe work locations.  

Global Functional Safety is also provider of different course types, both company-specific and customized. It enables us to increase awareness and has led to positive changes and made many facilities safer for both people and the environment.  

In 2014, we started “on a trial basis” Functional Safety Copenhagen (FSCPH). A non-profit conference company, with the purpose of hosting conferences, that would make Functional Safety more tangible. The aim was knowledge sharing and to bring practical handling closer to the End User. The conferences were, and still are, the largest Functional Safety conferences in the Nordic region, with great support from both End Users, Technicians, Consultants and Experts. We strive to host a FSCPH conference every 2 years and in parallel host knowledge sharing days (Functional Safety Forum) with focus on networking and discussion of practical approaches.  

GFS’ core competencies are machine and process safety as well as ATEX, and we are constantly striving to improve. Therefore, we are proud that our small company has 2 TÜV Rheinland certified experts, as the only company in Denmark. We sometimes brag about it – sorry about that – though we can’t help it!  

On the other hand, we rarely brag that we work with some of Denmark’s largest, but also with Denmark’s most exciting companies. Many things happen in 10 years, and where the primary focus was previously on the black gold – oil & gas, alternative forms of energy have now begun to emerge, but also these company need focus on Functional Safety. They need our experience and knowledge. Therefore, it is not unusual, that you meet us working with the “greener” forms of energy.  

We are not going to make anything big out of this 10 years birthday, but you are always welcome to visit us and have a cup of coffee or tea – it has fortunately become quite possible again.